Cozy & Comfy: The Importance of Regular Heating Service and Inspections

heating serviceThe average American household spends more than $2,200 on utility costs each year. And a large portion of that is spent on heating and cooling your house.

But what if there was a way to make your home more comfortable while using less energy?

There is! And it’s as simple as scheduling regular heating service appointments with your HVAC technician such as the team here at Aspen Creek Heating & Air, serving all Denver and Boulder communities.

Wondering how preventative maintenance appointments can help? Here are a few reasons to schedule that service call as soon as possible.

Extends the Life of Your Unit

Without regular maintenance and tune-ups, even the highest quality furnace will start to show signs of wear and tear.

When the system is in good condition, the components work as well as they did when the unit was new. They won’t grind against each other or break without warning.

But when the system goes years between maintenance appointments and tune-ups, those components will wear out faster. The longer your furnace sits with damaged parts, the worse the problems will get.

For most homeowners, this means needing to replace their furnace far earlier than they should. And furnaces are expensive! An energy efficient model can run thousands of dollars before installation costs.

With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your furnace to last between 15 and 20 years. The longer your unit lasts, the more money you’ll save.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Believe it or not, the air inside your home is often dirtier than the air outside your house. And the more you run your HVAC system, the more your indoor air quality can suffer. Especially if your system is in bad shape.

Regular maintenance and upkeep help keep your indoor air quality as clean as possible. During the tune-up, an HVAC service technician looks at the filters and cleans the air intake system so it’s free of dust and debris.

The cleaner the filters and air intake are, the better. Your heater spreads that air throughout the house. When the system is dirty, the air it puts out is dirty, too.

Helps Lower Your Energy Bills

As your home’s HVAC system ages, it will begin to lose some of its efficiency. And the harder your furnace works to heat and your condenser cool the house, the more energy each unit uses whenever you turn it on.

During the course of a single year, this can mean more dollars in additional energy costs. And that can really add up over time.

By maintaining the unit and staying up-to-date with your preventative heating service appointments with Aspen Creek Heating & Air, you’ll keep the system running more efficiently.

Reduces Likelihood of Unexpected Repairs

Preventative maintenance and service appointments let the HVAC technician inspect the condition of the unit. They can identify damage and signs of wear and tear before they cause problems for your furnace.

This lets them make repairs quickly before your system breaks down. And nothing is worse than losing heat in the middle of winter.

Best of all, by dealing with minor issues before they lead to major breakdowns, you’ll put less strain on your wallet. Minor repairs are almost always cheaper than fixing the damage once the system breaks down.

Keeps System Under Warranty

Every new furnace and air conditioning system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This helps pay for the cost of repairs or damage due to manufacturer error. But there’s a catch.

The system must get serviced by a licensed technician. And it must get serviced at regular intervals. The warranty documents included with the system will explain the service requirements.

Working on the unit on your own or putting maintenance off for years at a time puts your unit at risk for falling out of warranty. When this happens, you’re responsible for the full cost of repairs even if the issue is due to a flaw in the manufacturing process.

Making preventative heating service a priority keeps your unit under warranty until the warranty itself expires.

Improves Safety

It should come as no surprise that a damaged heating system can be a major safety hazard for your home and family.

Gas and oil leaks in your furnace put your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. But that’s not all. If the furnace has a clogged intake or tons of dust around the igniter, it could spark a devastating house fire.

When your unit is maintained and cared for, those clogs will be few and far between. Your technician will catch them before they turn into a safety hazard. And any leaks get fixed before they put your home and family at risk.

Saves You Money

Unexpected emergency repairs cost a lot of money. But when you prevent them with an annual heating service, you’ll end up spending less each year.

The less money you have to spend on repairs, the more you’ll have to invest in other home repairs. Upgrade to a more energy efficient air conditioner for the summer months. Or use it to buy higher quality air filters for your unit.

The only limit is your imagination!

Makes Your Home More Comfortable

A properly maintained unit helps keep your home comfortable on a consistent basis.

When your system is in poor condition, it has to work harder just to maintain the temperature on your thermostat. This often means your home never stays at a comfortable temperature. And when it does, your system runs almost constantly.

With regular appointments with your heating system service, the unit works more consistently. This means the house stays closer to your ideal temperature more often. Even better, it will take less time for the furnace to get the house up to that temperature!

Make Heating Service a Priority

Preventative heating service appointments do more than save you money. They keep your system running well for years to come.

If it’s been a while since your last service appointment, don’t panic. Schedule an estimate today and let our experts at Aspen Creek get your system up and running like new.

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