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3 Signs your furnace heat exchanger may be cracked

Damages in the heat exchanger are often caused by metal fatigue due to overtime usage. In case of a crack, homeowners are often exposed to toxic gases that go unfiltered in the system. It can be difficult to know when your heat exchanger is cracked. However, if you notice the following signs, you should seek professional assistance.

  1. Strange smell

Usually, malfunctioning heat exchangers do produce strong unpleasant odors, which can cause headaches and other symptoms. Therefore, if you smell something resembling formaldehyde, its high time you get some help.

  1. Soot

If you notice soot in your furnace, the chances are that your heat exchanger isn’t working to its best. There are some incomplete combustion leading to carbon build up and eventually soot.

  1. Corrosion

Sometimes, the exterior components of your furnace may start tearing and wearing. This shows that the interior components are deteriorating or cracking.

If you observe the signs mentioned above, it’s high time you contact a responsible technician to solve the cracking problems. At Aspen Creek Heating & Air, we offer nothing but professional services to all our customers.

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