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AC installation and maintenance tips to boost its efficiency

Heating and cooling can account for up to half of your entire utility bills. With summer around the corner, many homeowners are preparing to pay even more. But what if you could reduce these costs with a few tips?

Here is a list of five tips to help you do that.

  • Change your AC filter: Filters accumulate dust and grime over time. This slows down your unit and adversely affects indoor air quality. That means it will consume more energy to run. Therefore, it is wise to inspect and change your filters regularly.
  • Clean your condenser: Just like filters, dirt, twigs and other materials get stuck around your AC condenser. And to make it more efficient, experts recommend cleaning your condenser two times a year.
  • Insulate exposed duct-work: During any AC installation, it is wise to ensure all duct-work that runs through unconditioned areas are properly sealed to prevent any leakage. So keep checking exposed duct-work for wear and tear.

Most manufacturers expect professionals to conduct AC installation, maintenance, and repair services for warranties to remain valid. So if you think your system is inefficient, please contact us to speak with one of our AC repair specialists.

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