To Avoid Air Conditioner Repair Costs, Try These 14 Tips

Aspen Heating and AirTo Avoid Air Conditioner Repair Costs, Try These 14 Tips wants to keep you in the loop. So, to avoid air conditioner repair costs, try these 14 tips to get you started. These simple ideas could save you a lot of time and money in the future because servicing and maintaining your air conditioning units is an absolute must when the thermostat rises and we need to keep cool.

  1. On central air conditioning units, the condenser (which is situated outside) is the most important component you will want to check, along with the evaporator coil.
  2. The evaporator must be cleaned each year by a professional company without exception.
  3. Clean the tray and underside of the evaporator.
  4. To prevent the formation of mold and fungus, you can use a little bleach inside the tray. About a tablespoon.
  5. The condenser, which is situated outside, naturally collects a lot of dirt and debris and needs the attention of a professional.
  6. Check that no tall grasses or weeds are constructing the condenser’s air flow.
  7. Ensure the fans are cleaned, but be careful as they are delicate and break easily.
  8. To prevent leaves from blocking the condenser and to avoid ice dams in the winter months, be sure to invest in a condenser cover.
  9. Room AC units will need some attention as well, and the filtration system is crucial to how efficient they run. Change the filter monthly or twice monthly if there’s a lot of dust and dirt.
  10. If you have a washable filter, ensure it is completely dry before replacing it.
  11. Check on the power cord periodically to ensure it is not frayed or in need of repair.
  12. Once in the summer, it is recommended to clean the condenser and evaporator coils.
  13. Have a professional check the thermostat to ensure it is not faulty.
  14. And finally, clean the drain ports.

    These tips may seem obvious, but to avoid air conditioner repair costs and help keep your units efficiently functioning, it is very important to conduct a thorough inspection each year. If your unit runs more frequently, be sure to check it over more often than annually. While air conditioning repair costs are expensive, they can be made unnecessary with just a bit of due diligence.

    Aspen Creek Heating and Air has been around for many years and knows all too well the annoyance of a broken down air conditioner unit in the heat of summer. To avoid air conditioner repair costs, try these 14 tips. If you still need our help, call today to inquire about a repair, quote or even more tips.

    Enjoy the hot summer months indoors with an air conditioning unit that is running at its maximum potential by having your units serviced and maintained by Aspen Creek Heating and Air. A small amount of effort will give you a constant amount of joy by beating the heat and saving a lot of money and energy in the meantime.

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