Tips to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter

Aspen Creek Heating and AirTips to Prepare Your HVAC System for Winter has some great tips to prepare your HVAC system for winter, and since we all know that the cold weather is well on its way, following these tips could be a very wise decision. With that said, let’s see how you can get a little more life out of your HVAC system.

First off, start by checking the air filters. This is a great monthly habit to instill because the amount of damage that dust and debris can do to your air filters is no joke. Next, have your thermostat tested, preferably on a chilly day to see if it will reach the temperature quickly when adjusted. If it is not getting to the correct temperature, then you may need to look deeper into the situation.

A programmed thermostat is a great solution because your system won’t always have to work so hard to reach the desired temperature. Instead of cranking it up on high because you suddenly realize it’s cold in the house, it can maintain a consistent temperature that requires less energy and doesn’t put a strain on your HVAC system.

Do a complete check of your air vents around the house to make sure that furniture, toys, and other items aren’t blocking them. Obstructions can make your system work overtime and lead to issues down the road. Also, listen for unusual noise and keep an eye out for leaks. These are issues that should be attended to immediately.

Protecting your home’s heating and insulating capabilities also means sealing cracks, drafts and doorways to eliminate cool air from entering. Look in the attic and basement for any noticeable cracks and be sure to have them weather-stripped or sealed, and if you have a garage door attached, don’t forget to check that area for any drafts as well.

Knowing these tips to prepare your HVAC system for winter and getting help from the friendly and knowledgeable people at Aspen Creek Heating and Air will ensure you save time and money in the long run. We offer complete inspections that will test your whole system’s efficiency, as well as search for leaks, check electrical connections, ensure proper gas hook ups and ventilation, maintain condensation drip lines and pans, even lubricate the motors and bearings inside your HVAC unit.

Even though most HVAC systems have about a 20-year lifespan, newer models can still have issues. And based on the emergency calls we get from our customers, it’s usually on the coldest, snowiest days at the most inconvenient times. By following the tips above or having an Aspen Creek professional look into it before the deep freeze hits, you’ll always come home to a warm house after a long day at work.

Aspen Creek Heating and Air has the expertise, technicians and tips to prepare your HVAC system for winter. Don’t delay this important task – give us a call today and we’ll help you avoid any downtime in the chilly months ahead.

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