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HVAC noises to not ignore

The cold weather is here, and it’s time to warm up a chilly house. You turn on the thermostat and wonder, why is my furnace making a loud noise? Aspen Creek Heating and Air is here with some great advice on what could potentially be causing a noisy furnace, as well as what is normal and what is not.

Here are some important sounds NOT to ignore.

Loud bang or pop is not a good sign and could indicate that the furnace burners are dirty. If these burners are dirty, it will delay the igniting, causing excess gas to build up, hence the loud bang when the gas finally ignites. The heater exchange may crack or cause a small explosion, and this part is expensive to replace.

High Pitched Whining Noise could be shaft bearings that need oil, or it could be a loose, slipping or frayed blower belt, which will need to be adjusted or replaced.

Call Aspen Creek Heating and Air if you have to ask yourself why my furnace is making a loud noise. We are a family-operated business with years of experience in the HVAC industry and can help with installations and repairs on all brands of furnaces, heating systems, and more.

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