10 Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

furnace noises Aspen Creek Heating DenverWinter is coming. It will be time to rely on your furnace to keep your family warm and safe. So, be sure to keep an ear out for furnace noises you should never ignore.

Most furnaces, especially older ones, will make the occasional pinging sound or hum, especially when initially turned on. This is usually just the ducts expanding or the blower fan warming up.

However, if your furnace keeps you awake during the night or doesn’t seem to be cranking out the hot air as usual, it is time to call Aspen Creek Heating and Air immediately for service or repair. We’ll send a technician to see what’s causing the furnace noises and get things back in proper working order.

For now, here are 10 important furnace noises we urge you NOT to ignore.

  1. METAL HITTING METAL is likely the blower wheel coming loose from the motor shaft, and hitting the blower housing. Turn the unit off immediately and have a specialist inspect and or tighten. If the blower wheel or motor mount has broken, it will need replacement.
  2. A HIGH-PITCHED WHINING NOISE could be shaft bearings that need oil, or it could be a loose, slipping or frayed blower belt, which will need to be adjusted or replaced. Worst case scenario, the blower motor may need replacement.
  3. A LOUD BANG OR POP is not a good sign and could indicate that the furnace burners are dirty. If these burners are dirty, it will delay the igniting, causing excess gas build up, hence the loud bang when the gas finally ignites. The heater exchange may crack or cause a small explosion, and this part is expensive to replace. A regular service from the professionals is all it will take to rectify the situation and should be dealt with promptly to avoid fire hazards.
  4. RATTLING NOISES may be caused by ducts that have come loose. If the culprit duct is accessible, you can DIY it by either duct taping them or tightening any loosened screws. You can also put a mat of some sort underneath the heater to stop vibrations from occurring.
  5. LOUD HUMMING FURNACE NOISES are most likely just a noisy transformer. There will always be some degree of humming with the transformer, but if it is unusually loud, it could be a bad fan or capacitor. Have an HVAC specialist look at it promptly.
  6. EXPANDING AND CONTRACTING AIR DUCTS, especially metal ones will make noises as the blower turns off and on, usually because there is a clogged filter, undersized ducts, or a closed vent. Have Aspen Creek Heating and Air look into it, if you are uncertain where the issue lies.
  7. RUMBLING NOISES (gas and oil-fired systems) call immediately for service and turn off the unit. This could be a serious problem with your burner and may also be a fire hazard.
  8. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK noises could possibly be a faulty thermostat. If that is the issue, try changing the batteries or checking that the wires behind are not frayed or disconnected. Only do so, if you feel competent enough to do so safely. If none of this works, then call the professionals.
  9. EXCESSIVE MOTOR NOISE could possibly point to worn out bearings and will need an HVAC specialist to investigate and diagnose the issue further.
  10. CLANGING NOISE is probably caused by the pipes, as opposed to the furnace itself. They will make noise when they cool down, and this issue is usually found in older style homes.

You’ve Got Furnace Noises, Now What?

Give us a call for a fast, honest diagnosis of what’s causing your rumbles and clangs. Depending on the brand, where and how the unit was first installed, furnace repairs aren’t always a big, horrible expense. And any money you spend is likely worth the peace of mind and warmth this winter. So, your best bet is to give us a call and let us take great care of your furnace.

If parts need to be replaced on your unit, we’ll check and see if the manufacturer’s warranty covers it. Most come with a 5-year warranty and a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

Our customers are often relieved to find out that a decent portion of the cost is already covered!

The Dreaded Worst-Case Scenario

Now, when faced with your furnace finally calling it quits, we can help you with that, too. We carry an extensive range of high-efficiency furnaces, various makes and models, that suit nearly any budget.

We will thoroughly advise you and assist in determining which unit best fits the needs of your home, family, and usage. No hard sell and no upsell to a more expensive system.

While we’ll do our best to spare you the expense of replacement, we’ve found that many older houses have outdated furnace systems. They’re often not be pumping out the proper amount of heat, not to mention the noise factor that may go along with it.

If a new furnace is in order, we’ll consult with you about “quiet” furnace for your next purchase.

Bottom line, there are so many options and things to consider when buying a new, modern and energy-efficient furnace. You can even do your own research by checking out Consumer Reports for the latest information on furnaces, including brands, reliability, efficiency, size, cost and more.

What to Expect from a New Furnace

When investing in a new furnace, our customers often want to know how long it will last.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the year 2000, the average lifespan is about 18 years, and some are between 15-25 years, depending on the amount of usage, the starting and stopping of the unit and maintenance.

That’s why regular inspection is important, furnaces noises or not. Parts and electronics will need to be changed out, but the nuts and bolts of the system should remain strong.

With winter right around the corner, it’s important that your heating system is up to par. So, feel free to call Aspen Creek Heating and Air if you’re hearing unusual or loud furnace noises. We’re a family-owned and operated business with over 15 years of experience in the HVAC industry – and we’re here to help!

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