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Three reasons why you need more than an AC to dehumidify your home

The coils in an air conditioning system draw moisture from the air as part of the cooling process. The condensation that forms on them then drains out of the system. Yet, consider the following:

  1. A standard whole-home AC system isn’t designed specifically to draw enough moisture out of the air to consistently maintain low humidity levels throughout a structure. Pockets of moisture can cause property damage and mold growth.
  2. Since this type of system removes moisture haphazardly in neither a quick or efficient manner, you must set the thermostat to a lower temperature than you might consider comfortable for a much longer time than you would need to run it to merely cool the structure.
  3. An AC-only setup typically costs far more over time than the installation, energy usage, and maintenance associated with a secondary dehumidifying system. Improperly using an air conditioner increases energy consumption and wears out parts faster than normal, whereas, two separate systems run optimally and cost-effectively by performing their specific tasks faster.

At Aspen Creek Heating & Air, we offer more than AC installation and repair services. Our team provides members of our local community with the most efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling products available. Call today to ask us about Bryant options designed with dehumidification in mind.

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