Quick Fixes for Common AC Problems

Quick Fixes for Common AC ProblemsAspen Creek Heating and Air wants to provide you with some quick fixes for common AC problems. As our summer heatwave continues with 90+ temps, we know that you don’t want to suffer in the heat if your AC unit goes on the fritz. Below, you will find a few of the most common issues that arise in air conditioning units, and what to do about it. If you still can’t get it working, get in touch for expert help. 


It could just be that you blew the breaker, so be sure to check the breaker panel first. Your AC unit will probably have two breakers, one for the condenser and another for the fan. You will need to turn it all the way off first and then turn it back on. If the breaker continues to flip its switch every time you try to start the unit, the breaker could be faulty, and you may need to purchase a new breaker.

Another issue may be the overflow shut-off switch which could be a clogged drain line that has set off the switch and killed the power, or the switch itself is bad. Check the drain line or hose to ensure it is unclogged and working. If it is none of those items, faulty or damaged wiring could also be the reason, and in this case, you should contact the HVAC professionals at Aspen Creek Heating and Air to check your thermostat and the rest of the wiring running to and from the air conditioner.


Find and fix the leak immediately, as it could be a valve, access port, or the condensing or evaporator coils. This may require soldering and is best left to the professionals. You can also try a Freon leak repair kit if you do get lucky and find the leak. Remember, just topping up your refrigerant is not the solution.


Another of our quick fixes for common AC problems is dealing with a frequent cause of the AC unit not blowing cold air. Here are some reasons why this happens: airflow is restricted (dirty filter), AC is low on refrigerant, the temperature outside is too low, and broken parts. Fortunately, it is an easy fix:

  • Turn off the A/C and set the fan to run (“AUTO”) on your thermostat to melt the ice around the coil.
  • Check the air filter/evaporator coil for dirt and debris, as well as the ductwork for obstructions or disconnections, and ensure no registers are blocked.
  • If the AC unit is still freezing up, you might have low refrigerant, or the line could be damaged.

When water collects in the HVAC system, it sometimes forms bacteria buildup which can smell like urine or vinegar. It could also be leaking antifreeze, have an old filter, or an animal could have nested inside the unit. Get your air conditioning system inspected for damage.


First, check your thermostat in case you accidentally bumped it. Other than that, you may want to get it inspected by the professionals to avoid any further, more expensive damage.


If your unit is not up to par, and somewhat weak in power, chances are you need to check the outside and inside units to see if they are clogged with debris or leaves. Give it a thorough cleaning.

These quick fixes for common AC problems are an excellent way to educate yourself before having to call in the professionals. Of course, if you can’t find the source of the issue or get things working again, contact Aspen Creek Heating and Air and we’ll get your AC unit back up and running efficiently.

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