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How to pick the right AC

When considering a new air conditioning installation, it is important to consider the BTU (British Thermal Unit). BTU tells you how powerful the air conditioner is. Not enough BTU will leave a room improperly cooled as well as an increased bill. Too many BTU will cause your air conditioner to wear out quickly as it reaches it’s desired temperature fast. Here is a quick guide to the right choice:

  • 100-250 Square Feet – 5,000-7,000 BTU
  • 250-400 Square Feet – 7,000-9,000 BTU
  • 400-550 Square Feet – 9,000-12,000 BTU
  • 550-700 Square Feet – 12,000-14,000 BTU
  • 700-1,000 Square Feet – 14,000-18,000 BTU

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