water heater repairs

Have you paid enough attention to your water heater?

There are a range of signs – some more obvious than others – that your water heater isn’t functioning at its best. Obviously, any type of leak needs to be quickly dealt with by licensed professionals; but here are some other signs to watch out for:

  • Water not as hot as you expect it to be, or quickly going cold after only limited use
  • The color of water – if it appears muddy, gritty or even rusty and if it tastes slightly metallic
  • Any clanking, banging, grumbling or popping sounds – from the unit, not those using it!
  • The pilot light refusing to remain lit

It’s always best to have a professional check out your water heater in such circumstances. This is just one of the many heating repairs and service options delivered by Aspen Creek Heating and Air here in Colorado.

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