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Buying a house, check the HVAC system

Aspen Creek Heating and Air always says that if you’re buying a home, check the HVAC out right away. This important task could save you a lot of money down the road and protect your initial investment. We can give you a professional and honest opinion of what will need to be fixed, if anything, so you can make an important decision when purchasing your home.

You will more than likely have a home inspector do a complete inspection of the potential purchase, but it is always wise to either go along with the home inspector or be sure to ask about the HVAC system regardless. Here are some key points to look for and ask about along the way.

Make a Visual Inspection of the Systems: Does the furnace, air conditioning units and boilers look like they are in good condition? Can you hear any noises or see any visible leaks coming from the units? If so, make a note of it, and be sure to address the situation promptly.

Ask How Old are the Systems: At around the 15-year mark, most HVAC systems will probably be entering their retirement age. Of course, that may vary a few years either way, depending on the love and attention put into it. A well maintained and serviced HVAC system can potentially last quite a bit longer. Sometimes, energy regulations and technology advance so rapidly that you may have no choice but to upgrade a system. For example, new Energy Star models can reduce your bills by up to 30% and are better for the environment.

Energy Labels are Important: Check out for relevant data on the efficiencies of units and operating costs if you are looking to replace an older or damaged unit. You will find AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) for boilers and furnaces, SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) for air conditioning units and HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) which measures the heating efficiency of heat pumps.

Past Maintenance and Repairs Performed: You may get lucky and see a job service sticker on or near the unit in question, this will tell you exactly what work was performed on the unit, along with the date. If you notice many tickets or receipts in a short period, this may be a red flag that the unit is slowing down or functioning inefficiently.

How Comfortable is the Air in the Home: A good rule of thumb to follow, is how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel when in the home. Is it stuffy and hot with the air conditioning on, or cool and drafty with the heater on? This could be a good indicator that things are not as they should be. Do you notice only certain room are affected and not others? This could mean a leaky system or duct problem.

Aspen Creek Heating and Air knows that if you’re buying a home, check the HVAC systems from top to bottom. We’ll even help you every step of the way. Our service and attention to detail are like none other, and you will always get the most efficient and knowledgeable technicians to give you an honest quote before we do any types of repairs or installations. Call us today!

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