Proper HVAC Care if You’re Going on Vacation

Proper HVAC Care if You're Going on VacationMaking plans for the long Labor Day weekend? At Aspen Creek Heating and Air, we want you to know about proper HVAC care if you’re going on vacation. Whether you’re road tripping during the last days of summer or going on a long holiday vacation, just a few simple steps can save you money and problems in the long run.

  • Never completely turn your system off, whether it is the AC unit or furnace system. It’s built to run around the clock, protecting your home from moisture and mold in summer and frozen pipes in winter.
  • Don’t turn off your water heater, simply turn the thermostat down to save some money on your energy bill, so you don’t have to call a technician to get the pilot light working again.
  • Be sure to close any holes or gaps in your eaves, outdoor-linked vents and chimney should be blocked off so that rodents can’t sneak into your house.
  • Add at least four degrees to the temperature on the thermostat that you typically set for your home while you’re on vacation. If you generally set it to 73, bump it up to 77 degrees for a warm-weather vacation, 80-85 is even better. Then take 4 degrees off the normal temperature is you are going away for a winter vacation.
  • Newer thermostat systems give you the option to change your home’s temperature remotely with smartphone apps, so you can adjust as needed with the changing temperature outside from wherever you are. It’s also nice to come back to a comfortable temperature.
  • Change your AC system filters ahead of time to ensure they do their job while you are away.
  • Create better air flow and ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently by closing and locking your windows, as well as opening vents, registers and all interior doors.

Proper HVAC care if you’re going on vacation also includes the security of your HVAC systems. As crazy as it sounds, some people are taking to stealing air conditioners and heat pumps, out of backyards to earn money on the copper within them at a salvage yard. If you feel this may be a problem in your area, have a neighbor keep an eye on your place, or invest in a motion sensor light to help ward thieves off.

If you are taking a vacation in the summer, be sure to close all blinds on windows and anywhere that UV rays can enter. By keeping the sun out, you will maintain a cooler home which puts less stress on the air conditioning unit. You could even use blankets or sheets for added security. During winter vacations, be sure that all gaps and holes are secure from drafts or rodents entering.

Knowing these simple tips on proper HVAC care if you’re going on vacation will save you a lot of troubles in the long run, and Aspen Creek Heating and Air is just a phone call away to help you prepare any HVAC system for service and maintenance before you head out the door. It is always a good idea to have a once over on your HVAC system before you go away.

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