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Not as fresh inside as out?

Sadly, at the moment, just as the weather begins to take that great annual turn for the better here in Colorado, we may be spending much more time indoors than we would want to.

Over the last few years, many improvements have been made to both windows (making them more energy efficient) and in-home insulation. Great at keeping the cold out, and blistering summer heat too, for that matter.

But it also means that pet dander, allergy-causing dust and the like can be trapped inside. This, and a lingering mustiness, might be much more noticeable with that excess time spent indoors.

Something worth considering, now or in the future, to improve indoor air quality, is an air purification system. If you’d like to discuss the possibilities, then call 303-464-7000 and speak to our team here at Aspen Creek Heating & Air…

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