Learn the Difference Between HVAC Manufacturers

Aspen Creek Heating and AirLearn the Difference Between HVAC Manufacturers can help you learn the difference between HVAC manufacturers and more. For the most part, all HVAC contractors basically pay the same price for the units they install. That’s why, even if you narrow your choice down to a few HVAC brands and models, you still can’t compare them by just the cost quoted by a contractor or installer.

There are a number variables that make the difference between buying a brand and getting the solution you desire. Is choosing the higher price the best option? Maybe not. That’s why it’s important to know what you’ll be getting for your hard earned money.

There are about six HVAC equipment manufacturers in the U.S. to date, and they operate under more than 150 name brands including, Lennox, Armstrong, Concord, Trane and American Standard, Carrier, Payne, Bryant and Tempstar, York, Lux and Coleman to name a few. For the most part, they make the same type of machine, one that heats and cools your home. This brand might have a fancier control panel while that one has more aggressive advertising campaigns. That’s about it.

The real difference between HVAC manufacturers is hiring a good installation contractor.

Now, almost all manufacturers provide a basic 5-year warranty on their parts only. Because they cannot control how your systems are installed, they usually require their dealers to sign an agreement to offer the customer a one-year labor warranty. The manufacturer reimburses for the parts, and the contractor pays the labor cost out of pocket. Often that cost is passed along to the customer.

Smaller HVAC contractors tend to not give a “cushion” price to clients because they want to offer the cheapest deal and get your business. So, be wary of warranty pushes by the sales team. This can include warranties for such things as parts and labor, or specifics such as the compressor and heat exchanger.

Choose quality before warranties and be suspicious of the extended warranties, because if you have a repair guy out every week to fix something, it may just not be worth it. If you go for a warranty, be sure to get everything in writing with a clear understanding of all the terms, so there are no surprises.

The fact is that certain manufacturer brands are extremely selective about who they let install their systems. You will know the good companies when you see them, but to be safe, always look for their licenses, reviews, certifications and word of mouth around town.

Experts like Aspen Creek Heating and Air can get the job done right because of our extensive experience, skilled team, and even having the right tools to ensure a proper HVAC system installation. Trust us, there are a lot of specific tools needed for the job!

Now that you have learned the difference between HVAC manufacturers, or lack thereof, you are set to save some money and get excellent services from a talented company like Aspen Creek Heating and Air. We carry the most sought after brands and have a proven track record for no-pressure customer service and accountability. You are in good hands with our company, and your home will love you for it.

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