Water heater installation services Denver

Is your water heater still performing at its best?

It’s good to check things out at the start of a fresh year – just to make sure any piece of equipment is still doing the best possible job. This is certainly true of your water heater. Here are some signs to watch out for to avoid last-minute emergencies.

Answer the questions below to foresee any necessary heating repairs:

  • Is the water it delivers a bit – well – lukewarm?
  • Does it tend to deliver enough hot water for one shower and then go cold?
  • Does it make a clanking, banging or popping sound when operating?
  • Is the water it delivers clear – or is it a bit rusty, gritty or muddy?
  • Are there problems with the pilot light remaining lit?

For any of the above worries, it’s wise to seek expert guidance. Please call us today and discuss any problems with our experienced Aspen Creek Heating & Air experts now.

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